Facebook reviews not showing up
Why can't I see Facebook reviews?

Facebook reviews not showing up

Recently, I’ve had many business clients contact me asking, ‘Becs, where have my Facebook reviews gone?’ or ‘why can’t I see Facebook reviews’, and tell me, ‘I think Facebook removed reviews’.

Facebook reviews are so important, aren’t they? I bet the last time you considered paying for a service or product online you headed straight to the reviews and took a moment to read through the Facebook recommendations, to make sure that you were investing in something worthwhile.

I’m the same – Facebook reviews (recommendations) are social proof, helping us determine if a company is reliable or not and it helps us make the right decision when parting with our money!

Therefore missing Facebook reviews are a big concern as we know that all potential customers will be on the lookout for them.

There are 3 reasons why your reviews may not be appearing on your Facebook business page:

 1. You’ve not enabled Facebook Reviews Tab:

  1. If you’ve not enabled the Review tab, then it won’t appear on your Facebook page. This means that no one can leave you a review or see any of the lovely reviews that you’ve been given.

This is a Facebook problem that’s very easy to rectify. And don’t worry if this feature has been accidentally switched off – your reviews won’t have gone anywhere.

  1. Head to your Facebook business page.
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Find ‘Templates and Tabs’
  4. Make sure it is switched on – this shows as blue.

(If you have recently switched to the new Facebook experience your layout will be slightly different.)

And there you go; your Review tab will automatically appear again, and all your past reviews will be on show for all to see. And your happy customers can once again start leaving you amazing reviews!

2. The reviewee can see their review, but you can’t:

If ever you’ve had a customer say, ‘hey, did you get my review?’ and it just isn’t showing under your Review tab it’s highly likely that your customer hasn’t set their review to Public.

To write a review for a company you need to check that the ‘world’ icon appears next to it – this means that everyone can see it and it will appear on the company’s Facebook business page.

Here’s how to leave a review:

  • Open up the company’s business page.
  • Click on the Reviews tab.
  • You’ll be asked to click to confirm that you recommend them.
  • Write in your review when prompted.
  • Under the ‘Sharing to’ drop down menu, make sure it says ‘public’.
  • Your review will appear straight away.

Pass this information on to your customers to make sure that the reviews that they have written are public and not just available for their friends to see. If Facebook reviews are not set to public they do NOT count towards your review rating, therefore make sure to check with customers they are public.

If they’ve made a mistake and the review was set to “friends” only, don’t worry, it’s easy to edit. They just need to go on their profile click more, go to reviews and change the privacy setting of the review.

If they see the icon of two people next to the review – as shown in image below – then they need to click on the icon and change it to the Public (the world icon). The Facebook recommendation will then appear on your Facebook page and count towards your review rating.

3. There’s a glitch – Facebook reviews not working 2022

There will always be an instance where things just go wrong and your Facebook reviews disappear. Unfortunately, this is par for the course with Facebook, it is constantly changing and when a big change happens like the layout this is when Facebook glitches and errors often happen.

For example, a common glitch to affect Facebook recommendations when updating to a new layout is that your reviews will be there for all to see, but Facebook will state that you have 0 recommendations. What a contradiction!

For this example, let’s look at Paula from Taylor’s page. She’s got lots of amazing Facebook reviews, but as you can see, at first glance you might think that she doesn’t have any. It clearly says, ‘No recommendations yet’, but just look to the right of that message and there they are!

One piece of advice I would give is to always take a screenshot of your reviews just in case they do simply disappear into a black hole. If people delete their Facebook profile, those reviews will also disappear.

Reporting scam Facebook reviews

This next bit goes off on a slightly different tangent from the ‘Facebook reviews disappeared’ theme but it is a serious issue to keep a watchful eye on.

My Facebook page gets visited by many people wanting to pick up valuable social media tips, and my reviews get read a lot too. This is great news for me, but other people can take advantage of this and use this space to promote their own company – how very rude!

While you can’t remove these spam reviews, you can report them.

Facebook recommendations not showing 2022: How to report problems

Always report things that have gone wrong on your Facebook page or some activity on your page from another Facebook user that doesn’t seem right or fair.

The more people that report an issue, the more likely this social media giant is going to do something about it.

  • Head to the drop-down box in your personal account.
  • Click ‘Help and Support’ at the top right-hand corner of the screen
  • Follow the prompts to report a problem.

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