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In this blog I’m going to share with you the most effective Facebook tips for 2022

9 Ways to Grow Facebook Followers in 2022

Well executed social media, will help you to grow Facebook followers and raise awareness of your brand, attracting new customers who are on the lookout for someone just like you. Now is the time to embrace the opportunities that a well-executed Facebook page brings.

In this blog I’m going to share with you the most effective Facebook tips for 2022 including the 9 techniques that you can easily incorporate into your social media strategy to help you grow your Facebook followers. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook you really can aim for the moon!

Are you ready? Then let’s go! Here’s how to grow your Facebook page!

The 9 things you need to do:

1. Be Social: Interact with others on Facebook.

We’re already well versed at interacting from our personal Facebook accounts so this should be an easy step for you to take. Like and comment from your Facebook business page to get on the radar of others. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase your values, your commitment to add value, and to highlight what you do in a completely non salesy way.

2. Use hashtags to boost your chances of getting found.

Yes, I know this isn’t Instagram, but seriously hashtags in Facebook are so useful. You don’t see many brands taking advantage of this search function, so you’re guaranteed to get spotted over your competitors. Use a maximum of 3 on this platform.

 3. Utilise the various Facebook tools.

   This is such a fun and creative way to grow a Facebook page. You can choose to create an event, post a job, sell something from your shop, or start a booking system. All of these features are great for increasing your customer service, but they also help you to increase the number of followers organically. The more you can encourage others to interact with your Facebook page, the higher the chances of their followers seeing what you’re offering too.

 4. Ask people to follow your Facebook business page. 

This has to be one of the simplest steps to take, and one of the most effective. So next time you hear someone ask how to increase Facebook likes and followers, simply tell them to ask! Ask your friends and family to follow you; ask the people you meet at conferences, exhibitions, or networking events; ask for a follow at the bottom of your emails; create a pop up on your website. You get the idea.

5. Be consistent.

Not to be confused with posting constantly. What you’re aiming for is around five great Facebook posts every week – a minimum of three. Make sure that the content is engaging and encourages a conversation. Put on your customers’ hat and think about what kind of Facebook posts they would like to see. What would make them stop scrolling?

 6. Tag in people on your Facebook posts – but only when relevant!

notification of the tagging activity and should interact with your post. But be careful, if you tag someone in and they don’t engage, then your Facebook post will receive a black mark and won’t do too well.

And of course it makes good business sense to ask others to tag you in. A simple, ‘I’d appreciate it if you’d mention me when posting about this, you can count on me to share your post’, should do the trick.

7. Send an invite to your family and friends to follow your Facebook page. 

Invite your family and friends to like your business page, especially if your Facebook page is new. This group of people are your biggest cheerleaders and will enjoy supporting you. Ask them to add a like and a comment, or even share your posts, to help you reach those who may not otherwise know about you. Ask them to ask their friends to give your page a like too.

8. Be active on Facebook Groups.

Choose the groups wisely. Pick the ones where your ideal customers are likely to hang out, and make sure that the Facebook group allows business pages to join. Many only allow personal accounts. Once you’re in, delight the other members with your snippets of advice, tips, and useful comments. Showcasing who you are as a person as well as the service or product you have on offer is a brilliant way of getting noticed. And for anyone who likes one of your posts or comments, you can simply invite them to like your Facebook page.

9. Make sure your Facebook page is worth following!

This is super important. You can do all 8 of the above steps, but if your Facebook page isn’t worth liking then it’s not going to grow. Really think about the reasons why people should follow you – what do they want from you. Remember, that a lot of followers will be thinking, ‘what’s in it for me?’ Give them what they want, entice them in, and continually surprise and delight them with your content.

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Don’t worry about the speed of growth

And finally, I’d just like to add that Facebook growth doesn’t happen overnight. Some industries find it harder than others – for example, a clothing company or a charity will experience quicker growth than a financial service company – that’s just the nature of the followers I’m afraid.

Here’s an excerpt from the Social Hospitality’s Study: Average Growth of Facebook Fan Pages.

“The median growth rate for a Facebook page is 0.64% per week. This means that a fan page with 1,000 fans will gain about 25 fans per month, which is quite slow when compared with the best, or top 10% of fan pages, which have a growth rate of 2.22% per week, so an increase of about 88 fans per month.”

 So please don’t give up! Be patient. Every step forward is a success!

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To view all of my upcoming workshops, head over to my website today.

And if you live or work in Warrington, Cheshire East or Cheshire West you may be able to get a 40% grant through Accelerate towards my workshops. Check to see if you’re eligible here.

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