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Join The Social Flock!

The Social Flock is a supportive social hub of like-minded business professionals who need to get to grips with creating consistent compelling content for their social media.

This motivational group will give you the accountability to get your socials sorted, with weekly writing sessions, planning webinars, social media training and regular content tips and advice from industry experts.

Social Media can be a bit of a burden, can’t it?

You may know you need to post, how to post and when to post- but you just don’t do it!

Or you may be stuck for social media content and need help with generating ideas.

The reality is you’ve not got a system in place or the accountability to get it done.

You find yourself letting yourself down, and more importantly know you could be missing out on potential business if you posted more regularly.

Well don’t worry you are not alone. Many businesses have this problem and this is why The Social Flock was created!

This is a supportive group to help take away the social media content creation burden.

We’re in it together, we’re here to help each other.

Photo of Becs Bate, Social Media Executive with Baarbara from The Social Flock

If you want to feel more in control of your social media and create consistent compelling content then come and join #TheSocialFlock. Here are all the details of Tier 1 Full Fleece membership for The Social Flock:

  • WEEKLY CONTENT WRITING SESSIONS, where we come together virtually and write our social media posts for the week – we all get them done there and then!
  • MONTHLY WEBINARS training you on all aspects of social media (FREE for Tier 1. Members, £25 per session for non-members)
  • QUARTERLY CONTENT PLANNING SESSIONS helping you plan ahead and align your social media with your business objectives 
  • Regular SOCIAL MEDIA POST IDEAS to help you get creative with your content and feed you inspiration
  • WEEKLY LIVE VIDEO offering tips and advice on social media, where you can ask questions and join the discussion with Becs
  • Regular SPECIAL GUESTS that share their expertise and experiences on a variety of SOCIAL MEDIA TOPICS AND PLATFORMS
  • The opportunity to regularly BUDDY UP WITH PEOPLE within the group and appraise each others social media, giving you a fresh pair of eyes
  • The chance to get INTERACTION AND ENGAGEMENT FROM GROUP MEMBERS on an important post you’ve done, helping to increase the reach of those key messages you need to get out there
  • A place where you can POST QUESTIONS, ASK FOR FEEDBACK AND SHARE YOUR SUCCESSES in a supportive group.

Here are all the EVENTS you can dip in and out of throughout the year as a Tier 1 Full Fleece member. 

If your busy schedule means you can’t commit to the live weekly meet ups and monthly webinars, then you can still be part of The Social Flock and join for the sheared membership price of only £275 per year (see details below).


Tier 1–Full fleece membership

Monthly membership = £75 per month (£900 per annum)

Discounted annual membership = £495 per year or 12 monthly installments of £45 (£540 per annum)

Tier 2 – Sheared membership

£275 per year or 12 monthly installments of £25 (£300)

 Annual memberships are for a 12-month period. Your subscription will automatically renew after 12 months unless cancelled. But don’t worry ewe will be emailed in advance of your subscription renewal in case ewe want to make any changes! 

Some reviews from The Social Flock members:

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If you’ve been wondering who the faces behind The Social Flock are, here’s a little bit about us.

A photo of Becs Bate from Social Media Executive holding Baarbara the sheep from The Social Flock

The Social Flock is the brainchild of Becs Bate.She’s an expert Social Media trainer for both individuals and business, and pretty much knows all there is to know about social media platforms! She teaches you how to get seen on social media to generate new business. You can connect with Becs here or visit her Social Media Executive website.

A photo of Sam Blakley - Rethink Marketing
Sam Blakley is a Baa-rand Fanatic! 
She helps forward thinking businesses of all sizes who are ready to Rethink their Branding, Websites, Graphic Design and Social Content.
Sam is passionate about supporting the people she works with, collaborates and networks with.
View Sam’s website here.
Connect with Sam on LinkedIn here.
A photo of Nicki Cameron

Nicki Cameron is a calm, relaxed, non-judgmental Professional Personal Brand Photographer. She helps camera-shy & body-conscious business owners get a bank of beautiful images they’ll love and be proud to post on social media and show off on their website.

Based in South Manchester, she travels the UK for Branding shoots. Connect with Nicki on LinkedIn here.

A photo of Baarbara from The Social Flock

Baarbara is the group’s mascot.

Named by the group you will find her out and about growing her followers. You’ll find her helping members stand out from the flock on social media. 

She loves to see any sheep-related posts so please do share them in the group if you see one!

So there you have it – The Social Flock team.