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In this blog I’m going to share the changes on LinkedIn with you and give you my opinion on them.

New LinkedIn Features and Updates for 2022

Last year LinkedIn introduced many new features – but what with everything else that was going on you’d be forgiven for not giving them your full attention. As always, I’ve been keeping a close eye on all the changes, as well as the shift in algorithms, and have thoroughly enjoyed trying out these incredibly beneficial LinkedIn updates and new features.

In this blog I’m going to share these changes with you and give you my opinion on them.

I’d love for you to try them out too and experience a boost to your LinkedIn strategy for 2022.

The new look LinkedIn features 2022

 1. LinkedIn Creator Mode

If you pop over to my LinkedIn profile, you’ll notice that it may look a bit different to yours. This is because I’ve turned on LinkedIn Creator Mode. This mode is one of the new LinkedIn updates 2022 that offers so many functions – I’m loving it!

Of all the LinkedIn changes 2022 this one has been designed to really help you manage your network. You’ll discover this fantastic new tool on your profile page, simply click on Creator Mode to activate it. 

And don’t forget, if you would like help navigating your way around LinkedIn to find these new features head over to my YouTube channel to learn more – the video ‘New LinkedIn Updates and Features ready for 2022’ is the one for you! Or Click here to find out when my next online LinkedIn workshop is. 

Creator mode adds a ‘follow’ button to your LinkedIn profile

One useful feature within LinkedIn Creator Mode is the option to change the ‘connect’ prompt to ‘follow’. So when someone heads to your account they’ll be promoted to follow you and not connect with you. This enables users to view the useful content you are posting without them being connected to you.

If like me, you have a network growth strategy and only wish to connect with specific people this is worth exploring. When someone follows you without being connected, no invite will be sent, they won’t be able to message you directly, see your contact details, nor will any of their posts appear in your newsfeed.

But the option to connect won’t be removed altogether. By clicking on the More button, the user can choose to connect from there.

LinkedIn Creator mode also allows you to add a video introduction to your profile picture.

When in Creator Mode it’s now super easy to upload and attach a LinkedIn profile video, to introduce yourself and your business to your profile. This introduction will be available to anyone who clicks to view your profile. To add your LinkedIn profile video you need use the LinkedIn app on your mobile phone.

You’ll probably already know that it’s one of the latest social media platforms to arrive on the scene. Its aim is to share video content about anything and everything and have something for everyone.

2. Add the title, and include a description, of your services on your LinkedIn profile

This new feature allows you to promote your services and describe what they are. You can mention quite a few, but I recommend that you stick to your main ones so as not to confuse your potential customers.

Your customers will also be able to leave reviews here too.

3. Build a Newsletter audience and keep them engaged

As LinkedIn are eager for its users to share valuable information with others, the platform has made it easy for us to grow a newsletter audience.

The layout of the newsletter is similar to that of an article, but you’ll receive a much better targeted reach. Simply go to write a post as you normally do but choose “article” and then select the “Create a Newsletter” option in the article.

You can also invite people to subscribe to your newsletter – fingers crossed they all accept, and you’ll have yet another avenue in which to promote your amazing services. This is the invite they’ll receive:

4. Receive notifications of the posts you want to see

December 2021 saw the introduction of the ‘bell’. To me, this is one of the most useful LinkedIn profile updates. Go to anyone’s account and you’ll now see a grey bell positioned to the right of their profile. Once the bell is clicked, you’ll start to receive notifications every time they post – the posts won’t necessarily appear in your newsfeed, but this function prevents you from missing out on content that you really enjoy.

It’s hard to miss it! It’s right there underneath my profile.

5. If you blinked, you may have missed LinkedIn Stories

Last year LinkedIn introduced stories. I’m a big fan of stories so it’s no surprise that I was delighted to see this. I create a lot of stories for Facebook and Instagram and achieve good visibility with them. But just as the users of LinkedIn got used to this exciting feature and started to use it, the networking platform removed it. What a shame – I remain hopeful that they are reintroduced.

These are just some of the new features that have recently been introduced to LinkedIn, and like all social media, if you spot a new feature try it out, it can only increase your visibility on LinkedIn!

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