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When we are working from home not doing anything you might think you have nothing to post about. But you're wrong, see below for my 13 top tips for LinkedIn content. Have a look you might surprise yourself with what you come up with!

13 LinkedIn Post Ideas for 2020

It’s common for many business owners to get stuck when it comes to LinkedIn content ideas. LinkedIn is the number 1 professional networking platform, but don’t let that put you off posting, or stop you from showcasing your personal side. 


With many of us working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak, you may be thinking that there’s little to report – think again!


These LinkedIn ideas – all 13 of them – can be used on Twitter, Facebook, etc. too, but they work phenomenally well on this platform.

Do I need to post regularly on LinkedIn?

I would suggest that you don’t purely rely on your profile to attract customers, however well written it is. LinkedIn rewards users who regularly post and interact with others. In fact, the more time you spend on the platform the higher you will be ranked should your customers be searching for someone like you.

Posting regularly and being active on LinkedIn gets you ahead of your competition.

Here are your LinkedIn content suggestions

TopTip #1

Share Zoom Meeting Screenshots Or Photos

As part of your LinkedIn content strategy it’s good practice to tag others in to start a conversation – and this type of post provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. And if you are worried about ‘zoom picture fatigue’ (seeing too many zoom pictures on your newsfeed) don’t be – I can guarantee that these posts stop users from scrolling past to see if they know anyone in the picture – and if they do, their curiosity will get the better of them and they’ll want to find out a little bit about the nature of the zoom call and maybe want to be in the next zoom meeting. Please, seek permission from everyone on the call first!

Top Tip #2

What Goes On Behind The Scenes

Your audience will be used to seeing you in a certain setting – so show them what else you get up to allowing them to see you in action doing the things you do to make your product or service come alive. Believe me, people are interested to see you in another light, these little insights are really very impactful and achieve high levels of engagement.

Here’s me behind the scenes. A lot of my followers just see me on the other side of their screen – a bit like a news presenter – but I also get stuck into the logistics of setting up rooms ready for my live workshops. My posts of the biscuits I hand out always attract a lot of engagement too, I can’t think why?

As you can see, this post received 3258 views, 65 likes and 26 comments. 

Becs Bate selfie in front of her training stand getting ready for her LinkedIn course at the Norwich Business Network with Andrew Collier

Have a think about what is ‘post worthy’ when you’re out and about (I know this is a bit limited at the moment, but one day we’ll be seeing a bit more than our own four walls). At a meeting, I received such a warm VIP welcome I just had to share it. With 11,079 views, people were obviously curious enough to stop and read.

Becs Bate’s LinkedIn post thanking the team at Ricoh for reserving a parking space for me when I delivered my LinkedIn course there. It really is the small things that matter!

Top Tip #3

Share Your LinkedIn Top Tips.

When creating a LinkedIn post plan, it’s a good idea to pop in some of your top tips relevant to your sector. LinkedIn favours posts that are helpful to its users, plus you get to highlight your expertise.  A good idea is to repurpose some of your new or existing content from your website, for example, I upload a weekly blog and share an excerpt of it on social media in the form of a useful tip to encourage traffic to my website and to provide my followers with information they want to hear.

Top Tip #4

Share Your Story

This is one of the best personable LinkedIn post ideas. Tell your followers about your story, your ‘why’ for setting up your business, your thoughts and any revelations.

One Christmas, I turned up at a networking event in full on Christmas jumper attire. I was the only one. Although slightly embarrassing, I knew it would make a good story, so I popped it on LinkedIn, and it did really well.

Top Tip #5

Thank And Reward A Good Service.

A little reciprocity goes a long way, not every post you do has to be about you or your company. Thanking a supplier, a customer or anyone connected to your business is a great B2B LinkedIn post idea, and will reflect the type of business you are – one that appreciates others. Hopefully, they’ll give you a shout out too.

Here’s a post which attracted a lot of attention was this one to thank the Oakman for sending me a lovely surprise in the post.  

Becs Bate post about receiving a beautiful engraved wooden plaque to celebrate her 2 years in business anniversary.

Top Tip #6

Use LinkedIn to Celebrate

Post celebratory themes; anything from company anniversaries, staff birthdays to celebrating the date one of your products launched to show your ‘human’ side and encourage positive reactions.

Welcome new staff members too. Your customers and potential customers will want to see the people behind your brand – it instils feelings of trust and demonstrates that you value your employees and that your business is growing.

I recently celebrated Social Media Executive’s 2nd birthday, and to showcase my highlights I put together a short video including some of the people who have supported me along the way and some of the results I’ve achieved with clients. As you can see this celebratory post achieved a high level of engagement.

Becs Bates social media post celebrating 2 years in business.

Top Tip#7

Post Recommendations

Share your LinkedIn recommendations and your Facebook reviews; social proof must be in your LinkedIn content plan as it creates trust and credibility. A word of warning, if someone has simply emailed you with some lovely comments, ask them first if you can share it on LinkedIn. Facebook reviews and LinkedIn recommendations are different as they are already in the public domain and you won’t have to seek permission to use them.

Top Tip #8

LinkedIn Polls

This is a fairly new LinkedIn feature enabling users to pose a question to their followers. With lots of followers keen to offer opinions this is a very valuable tool. I use this feature to ask my followers what social media training they would like me to offer next.

TopTop #9

Share Insights From Your Sector

Your followers will enjoy learning about the updates and information that you post. These posts will gain you the title of being an expert in your field and you can quickly become one of LinkedIn’s influencers.

Top Tip #10

Breaking News

It’s funny isn’t it – us business owners tend to think that others know about our business – but guess what, they don’t. Sharing the latest news in your sector will provide your followers with some very useful information and it could be that your product or service can solve a current problem. Offer your opinions and ask for thoughts. And just so you know, LinkedIn loves it when its users discuss current affairs.

Top Tip #11

Sell your product or service.

I’ve placed this low down on the list of things to put on your LinkedIn content marketing plan as really you should only dedicate 20% of your posts to selling. If you constantly sell, you’ll put your followers off.

Top Tip #12

Ask For Help

You’ll come across as genuine when you ask for help, and you’ll find that when you do put a question out there, you’ll get a lot of responses as people a) love to give an opinion and b) love to help.

Top Tip #13

Ask For Feedback.  

LinkedIn provides a golden opportunity for you to ask for feedback and to get this directly from your customers and your potential customers. Have a think about the ideas you may have for future products or services and put them out there asking your followers what they think. It could be that you are thinking of improving a current service and need to know your customers’ thoughts on it. This type of post shows that you really care and value your customers and want to give them the best possible service.

Please put these LinkedIn post ideas for business into practice and get your profile ranking high! You’ll also see organic growth in the number of followers too. I’ll be watching out for them.

My LinkedIn Workshop

I run regular LinkedIn workshops that expand on these post ideas as well as covering a whole host of other tips to get your profile ranking high and attracting new business enquiries. There’s a lot more to LinkedIn success than just content.  If your profile has not been optimised or set up correctly, and your posts aren’t structured in the right way, your well-crafted posts won’t achieve the reach they deserve.  


I want all of your efforts to be recognised and rewarded, which is why I have designed my workshops to cover all aspects of LinkedIn including the creation of an optimal profile. Building strong foundations is key when it comes to social media. 


My next LinkedIn course runs from Tuesday 22nd September 2020 for four days – one hour every day from 9.30 – 10.30 via zoom. You’ll learn how to transform your profile to attract your ideal customers, develop connections and get your business visible. You will also be given actions to complete for the following day. Head to Eventbrite to learn more and to book.

I also offer 1-2-1 LinkedIn reviews where I can show you how to maximise your account, make sure it’s set up correctly and that your posts are hitting the spot with your target audience.


Bye for now, 


Becs Bate
Social Media Consultant, Social Media Executive Ltd


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