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With my tried and tested social media tips and tricks, content planning just got a whole lot easier!

My Top Tips: How To Find Social Media Content Ideas

Have you ever wondered how other businesses make their social media posts look effortless? Well, believe me, to continually come up with fresh social media content ideas for posts and to consistently put them out there is anything but effortless.  It takes a bit of advanced planning to nail your social media content strategy.

But with my tried and tested social media tips and tricks, this content planning just got a whole lot easier!

So, just how do you come up with post inspiration time and time again? With these top tips, and my social media planning tools, you’ll be bursting with content ideas that you simply can’t wait to share with your followers.

To bring these tips to life, I’ve chosen a sector that can be a bit dry and difficult to come up with social media content ideas – commercial insurance.

How to Find Social Media Content Ideas:

1. Look on Facebook for posts ideas

It’s really helpful to know what your competitors are up to. Let’s pretend that we work in commercial insurance, to get some social media content ideas in the area do the following:

  • Head to Facebook and type in the search bar, ‘commercial insurance’.
  • Now, click on Pages to the left of the screen (highlighted in grey below).

This will direct you to a list of companies in this sector. Go ahead and choose one, or even better, choose a few to see what they’re up to.

I chose one and this is what I looked for on their social media posts:

  • I checked that they were current and active.
  • I checked out the types of Facebook posts that they were creating.
  • I checked to see which posts attracted the most engagement.

And this is the social media content that I found:

  • They posted about keeping pets safe on bonfire night.
  • They celebrated the success of an employee winning an award.
  • They created a fab ‘Happy Diwali’ post.
  • They talked about their latest blogs.
  • They shared interesting articles about commercial insurance.
  • They posted details about their service.
  • They had their fingers crossed for students about to receive their A level results.
  • They gave tips on what to do when it’s too hot to sleep.

These are great examples of social media content ideas. They weren’t using their Facebook Business Page as a tool for selling, in fact, some of their posts weren’t related to what they do at all – but they were relevant to their target audience.

Their social media posts provided information that was useful to their target audience, demonstrated their credibility, showcased their knowledge, and talked directly to the customer, giving them what they wanted to hear when it mattered the most.

2. Look on LinkedIn for social media content

Follow the method that we used for the Facebook accounts, but this time harness the power of the hashtag! While LinkedIn is deemed to be a more professional platform, it’s still important to show your human side too.

  • Type, #commercialinsurance into the search bar.
  • If useful to you, follow the hashtag so you receive posts that include this hashtag directly into your newsfeed.
  • In the newsfeed, you’ll see the top LinkedIn posts.
  • Choose a few to take a closer look at.

This is what I saw:

  • Questions and polls.
  • Behind the scenes training pictures.
  • Information about what commercial insurance is and why you need it.
  • Again, a lot of blogs were being shared to drive traffic to websites.

To further your search experience in LinkedIn:

  • Simply type in ‘Commercial Insurance’ WITHOUT the hashtag in front and select “Posts”
  • This will bring up all the LinkedIn posts that contain these words. Remember, not everyone will remember to use a hashtag.

3. Look on Twitter for content ideas

This is where hashtags really come into their own. And the beauty of Twitter is that it is so fast paced you’ll get information that’s bang up to date. It’s the best for seeing short snippets of the latest information.

Find a few accounts to explore and again see which Tweets perform really well.

4. Look on Google for social media inspiration

There are a few tips you need to know about to really make the most out of every Google search.

  • Always look at the pages listed under the Ads.
  • When you type in your search words, make a note of what else appears in the drop-down list. These are the most commonly searched terms in relation to the one you just typed in. Make a note of these – can you turn these headings into posts?
  • Head down the page and view what else people are asking Google to search for. These would make great starts to posts!
  • Scroll to the bottom of your page to view related searches. Just on this topic alone, Google has thrown up a further 8 ideas that you could use to create a post.

5. Look on for post ideas

My next two tips focus on tools to find content ideas away from social media platforms.

 The site, gives you 3 free searches a day. So, make sure to make the most out of them! This site goes a little deeper into the world of Google.

And just look at what it shows you …. you’re very own wheel of ideas which start with what, where, when, are, why, how, who, can, will and which.

You can even change the view so you can see the results in list form – this always amazes me – it practically writes the first line of a post for you!

6. Look on for social media content ideas

Quora is the home of questions and answers. Questions are asked and the experts provide the answers. Just type in your search term and find a wealth of social media post ideas that you know people are enquiring about.

Your followers will appreciate some light-heartedness in your social media posts too

As well as discovering how to find creative ideas for social media, it’s time to look at a lighter side of life!

Businesses that weave in some light-heartedness into their social media strategy win the hearts of their customers. Let’s face it we all like to relax, be entertained and find out new things when we’re scrolling on our phones.

My Special Days of the Year wall planner will give you an idea for a social media post every single day of the year. It will show you all the celebratory and awareness days and leave you space to put your own anniversaries, launch dates, etc, in too.

Chose the ones that reflect your values such as “World Blood Donor Day”  or days that your customers will enjoy such as “World Chocolate Day”.


At £12.99 it really will reduce your thinking time when it comes to social media post ideas! And when you purchase one, as a special thank you, you will be given the option to buy my popular Social Media Content Planning Tool 2022 for half price.

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And don’t forget:

  • Don’t copy any of the content or the images that your competitors use.
  • Find a way to take inspiration and make the post relevant to your business.
  • Look at the blogs and see if the content sparks some great ideas for posts.
  • Ignore the paid for promoted ads
  • Fact check! Don’t take everything you see on social media for granted!
  • If you really like a post, quote it and tag the business into your social media post.

Bye for now,


Becs Bate
Social Media Consultant, Social Media Executive


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