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Top Twitter Tips For Businesses

Top Twitter Tips For Businesses

How do you reach more people with a tweet? Spend the next 5 minutes digesting the top Twitter tips that are to be revealed throughout this blog to discover the answers!

Why Twitter?

Twitter is huge and attracts a very eclectic range of people from all over the world, it’s highly likely that many of your potential customers will be hanging out here. And once you’ve learned how to create tweets that get seen by your target audience, you’ll be on to a winner.

Did you know journalists use Twitter as a source of up-to-date information? It’s not surprising really as it has become the platform to head to, to see breaking news unfold before your eyes.

To learn about the latest innovations, research, and news both nationally and internationally, Twitter can’t be beaten.

And as most influencers and large brands have Twitter accounts, you can get on their radar too! So, if you’ve always fancied receiving a business enquiry and working with a large organisation, Twitter is the place you need to be.

Tweets flood in by the second, from all over the globe, which is why I refer to it as the Fast and Furious platform. Twitter is the platform that provides everyone with the opportunity to develop a conversation, to learn, to see what’s happening, to network and to find your customers, collaborators, and future partners.

Statistics to support my tweet tips – I love a stat!

Before I tell you how to create great tweets, let’s see just how big this social media giant is!

  • There are 335million active Twitter users every month.
  • In the UK alone there are over 13million active users.
  • 500million tweets are posted every day. That’s a staggering 6000 tweets every second.
  • Tweets have a life span of around 15 minutes – you see I told you it was fast and furious!

How to write a good tweet and get it noticed

As every tweet is limited to 280 characters, your message has to be succinct. Not easy, if you like to use a lot of words. When you learn how to structure a tweet, this will get a lot easier with practice – trust me!

And never forget that the algorithm robots will be watching your tweets very carefully. 

man standing out from the crowd

If they see that one of your tweets is attracting likes, comments, and retweets, then it’ll be clear to them that your post is proving popular, and as their main job is to provide everyone with an entertaining newsfeed, they’ll give your post some love by sending it to the newsfeeds of more people.

tips to structure knockout tweets

Here are my tips to structure knockout tweets on Twitter.r your own benefit

  1. Try to work to the 80/20 rule. 80% of your tweets should reflect your brand personality and your values; for this you can share news, opinions, and insights, ask questions, and entertain. The remaining 20% can be for your more salesy tweets – but don’t use pushy language when doing so.
  2. Use hashtags – I’ll discuss this in more detail later in the blog so stay tuned.
  3. Don’t put a link in! This sends readers away from the Twitter platform – and the algorithm robots will hate that and punish you by restricting the initial reach of your tweet. But, if the link is relevant to your content, then the odd link every so often will be OK – and if you do pop in a link, whatever you do, don’t use hashtags or tag anyone in. You’ll want your link to be the only clickable link in the post.
  4. Reference current affairs. Those all-seeing, all-knowing algorithm robots love this kind of content. Tweet about what’s new in your sector and ask questions too. Think of Twitter as a Think Tank where people head to for inspiration and ideas.
  5. Tag people in. This massively increases your reach as it keeps your tweets alive for longer. The people you tag in will receive a notification, head to see your tweet and are bound to interact with it by liking it, maybe commenting on it and even retweeting it.
  6. Promote other people. Celebrate the achievements of others by creating a supportive tweet and by tagging them in. This is a useful way to bring other people into a conversation and to reflect your values too. You’ll notice that tweets focusing on the successes of others attracts more attention than ones that are self-promoting.
  7. Ask for a retweet. This strategy really does work, especially for charitable tweets or to raise awareness of an important issue. Remember, people love to learn and help others. This selfless act will get noticed!

For your own benefit

Just like journalists, please use this platform as a source of valuable marketing research.

With so much activity, you’ll be able to see what it is that your customers are after. And again, don’t be shy about asking questions. Not only is this a great engagement strategy but you’ll glean so much information to enhance your own business growth strategy too.

Accompany content with standout visuals

Unique visuals in the form of images or videos work well to stop those thumbs from scrolling on by. If you see a free stock image that would work well, think twice, because it’s likely to have been used thousands of times before. Your own unique photographs will work better as you can guarantee that other Twitter users won’t have seen it before and it’s more likely to grab their attention.


Woman examining an image

Nothing has to be perfect, as long as it evokes an emotion or resonates with your customers. 

What kind of language to use?

Definitely short and snappy! In fact, it has been proved that the shorter the tweet, the better it performs. So, if you can sum up your message in less than 280 characters, do that.

Avoid using capital letters – it’s far too shouty and can come across as being aggressive even if that’s not your intention.

Just be you. Be friendly. Be human. And don’t be afraid to use emojis for a little bit of visual impact. Don’t overdo it though, as the visually impaired who use technology to read posts to them can miss out. My advice is to add emojis, as opposed to using them to replace a written word.

Hashtags on Twitter

To make sure the right people find your posts, use hashtags.

Twitter favours up to three, so please don’t fill up your tweet with them. So, with a limit of just three hashtags, make them count.

woman and a hashtag
  • Don’t use the more popular ones like #FridayFeelings or #WisdomWednesday as these won’t be the ones your customers will use to find you. Plus, your post will only drown in the millions of other tweets that contain the same hashtag.
  • Make your hashtag relevant. For example, if I was to do a tweet to encourage my potential customers to read this blog, I’d use the hashtag #TwitterTips as this is exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Do your research and when you’ve found the perfect hashtag for your tweet, pop it in your search bar and see what else comes up. Every now and then, we can fall foul when a hashtag has another meaning. Just be careful!
  • If you’re holding an event, you can create a unique hashtag (again do you research to make sure it is unique). This will allow everyone who is interested to follow this particular hashtag and be a part of the community and conversation.

Want to drive business enquiries through Twitter?

Tweets are just one part of the Twitter strategy. To learn them all, why not attend my next Twitter Online Workshop which starts on Tuesday 28th September. Over the course of four days, for just an hour a day, we’ll cover how to:

  • navigate and use Twitter
  • create a standout bio, profile picture and banner
  • identify what you want to achieve on Twitter and how to do it
  • find your target audience and engaging with them
  • use the settings to optimise your Twitter account
  • create and structure a great Tweet
  • identify best hashtags and discuss why they are incredibly beneficial to gain a great reach and grow your account
  • build a strong following
  • generate lists to save you time and streamline your Twitter newsfeed
  • link analytics to your profile and understanding how to interpret them to improve your performance

So, start thinking about your goals over the summer and let’s get you the business you deserve!

Click on the button below to save your place.

Bye for now,


Becs Bate
Social Media Consultant, Social Media Executive


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