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Video Tips For Small Businesses

Video Tips For Small Businesses

In this blog we talk about Video Tips For Small Businesses. Would you like some videos tips to promote your business on social media? So many business owners are still undecided, or even nervous, about sharing video content. Therefore, I thought that it would be a good idea to hear from someone who took the bull by the horns and has successfully incorporated video into their social media marketing strategy. 

But before Gary Pemberton from Belvoir Warrington imparts his experience and top video tips for business, let me share some up-to-date facts and statistics.

  • 62% of marketers say that Facebook is the most important social media platform for businesses.
  • Marketers love its ability to reach the larger market, not just those who follow them.
  • 60% of marketers believe that video drives better engagement.
  • Video generates great engagement as it stops people from scrolling. They gift the business owner with an extra second to grab someone’s attention.
  • Facebook Ads that utilise videos receive up to 30% more conversions and generate the most efficient cost per lead.

So, if this has got you tempted to give it a go, here’s Gary’s case study of a small business doing social media videos.

Be Seen And Build Trust

Gary reminded us that we’re all fairly confident when it comes to taking selfies and posting them on our personal social media accounts. But what is it that stops us from putting ourselves out there a bit more when it comes to our businesses?

There should be no difference. Our friends and family members are keen to see the interesting stuff that we get up to. And the same goes for our customers, and our potential customers – it’s important that they get to see us too.

Woman with camera

In Gary’s world as an estate and letting agent, people will require him and his team to enter their homes, or the properties that they are selling or renting, so it’s imperative that there is already a level of trust.

Best Practice For Social Media Video

Let Go Of Perfection

When asked for social media video tips Gary openly shared with me that his first video took him over an hour and a half. Not all of this was retakes, a lot of the time was spent getting used to the equipment. But he embraced all of this as a learning curve and continues to find ways to improve.

And it’s Ok to not be perfect, showing your human side is more important. Authenticity is key.

Get Some Kit To Suit Your Budget

To increase the quality of the videos and to improve the sound quality when creating social media video, there is readily accessible technology available. Gary uses a small sized tripod with a special mount for his mobile phone and wireless technology allowing him to speak into a microphone – this is great for reducing the sound of wind when outdoors.

Take a look to see what’s out there and find some kit that will work for you and the environment in which you plan to film your videos.

Man with camera setup

Practice Your Great Content

One brilliant tip is to jot down what it is you want to say, and the key messages that you want to get across. Go over this content and have it clear in your mind what you are going to say before clicking that record button.

This will build your confidence and reduce the amount of takes you’ll need to get it right.

Gary knows his customers well and understands the kind of messages that they want to hear. Statistics and facts are always well received by the Belvoir Warrington followers.

Keep Your Outtakes

Outtakes have value too. Gary recommends that you keep hold of them and turn them into a bloopers special! This is a unique way of showcasing your humour.


Look Into Getting Them Edited

 Depending on whether you have the time or the skillset, you may decide to edit your own videos. But, if not, Gary suggests finding a company to edit your videos. Belvoir Warrington doesn’t have the content part of the videos edited, but they do have them top and tailed and have an intro slide added.

Video Clip

Mix Of Professional And Amateur Videos 

Gary refers to the ‘top and tailed’ videos as the amateur videos. But due to the success of the videos and the engagement they achieve, Belvoir Warrington has paid to have professional videos taken too.

Getting The Team Involved

To have his team members be a part of this video journey, Gary made it his mission to get them involved too – and found ways to make the experience enjoyable.

After 5 months, Gary became the face of Belvoir Warrington, and during this time learned so much about the dos and don’ts when it comes to making videos for social media. A professional videographer spent time with the team informally chatting about what they could do to convey their fun and unique personalities.

They warmed up with a ’meet the team’ piece and then moved on to videos where they showcased their industry top tips.

Getting The Team Involved

Use Infographics

And videos don’t just have to be watching someone talk either. Gary has experimented with infographics too within his videos and has seen amazing results as this is something different for his audience.

The Impact Of Using Social Media Video On The Business

Candidly, Gary says that they probably don’t get business from someone just watching one of his videos. But that’s not the intention, the intention of the videos is to build trust and for the potential customer to get to know Gary and his team on a personal level. It’s about highlighting who they are, what they can do for their clients and to demonstrate their values. All of these elements influence a positive action.

Gary very much uses video as one part of his marketing. Each component is valuable when used together in a complementary fashion.

 Plus, there’s no other estate agency in the local area doing this, so it attracts attention.

Gary’s Takeaway Social Media Video Best Practices 2021

  1. Stop procrastinating and just do it!
  2. Produce great content and inject your unique personality.
  3. Use language that engages your audience.
  4. Find others who are doing it well and ask them for advice.
  5. Be consistent and keep putting your content out there.
  6. Don’t expect quality to be Disney standard! Your phone will be good enough until you want to invest in a bit more kit.
  7. Know that the more you do the better you become.
  8. Ask for feedback and act on it.

What’s Coming Up:

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So, start thinking about your goals over the summer and let’s get you the business you deserve!

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