Online Facebook training generates engagement, footfall and financial results without spending a penny on Facebook Ads!

I don’t often shout about the results I achieve with clients and I really should stop being coy about it because it’s a great way to prove that what I do really works!

So here goes…one of my success stories from a client that completed my online Facebook course….

The Last Post is a small independent pub based in the centre of Ripponden and in June this year, it was taken over by a new landlord, Tony, who had heard about my online Facebook training. The pub already had a Facebook page but it wasn’t used effectively, it had less than 1,500 page likes and it’s highest post had reached just 1,200 people.

With little marketing budget, Tony wanted to maximise the potential of the Facebook page and use it to generate footfall and interest within the local community. He wanted the pub to become a community hub – a place to relax, meet friends and enjoy life.

Tony was already a confident Facebook user but had no experience of managing a business page. He found all the settings and tabs quite overwhelming, but knew it was a vital platform to help market his new pub.

He was so busy refurbishing the pub that he didn’t have time to attend a workshop. Fortunately, my online Facebook training was ideal for him as he could work through the training videos in his own time and at his own pace over a period of two weeks.

This was ideal as he could fit the short video tutorials in around his very busy preparations for the pub’s grand re-opening. The online Facebook course is made up of six sections with between five and eight short video modules in each. Each bite-sized video is between 3-12 minutes long.

Tony quickly worked through the video tutorials which covered:

  1. Creating a business page to showcase your business
  2. Optimising your page using the settings
  3. Understanding how to rank high in the searches so you get found by potential customers
  4. Creating engaging and highly visible posts
  5. Engagement techniques to get people talking and promoting your business for you
  6. Monitoring and measuring success

As soon as Tony launched the business, he put what he’d learnt into practice with fantastic results:

  • A post on launch week achieved a reach of more than 8,900 people
  • Overall post reach increased by 89%
  • Post engagement went up 62%
  • 88% increase in search appearances
  • Over 500 new page likes in the first month

The new-look pub got off to a flying start! The Last Post has a constant flow of new loyal customers and Tony has seen a continual increase in Facebook engagement, raising the profile of the pub and attracting new clientele.

By growing their Facebook presence, the pub has exceeded financial results from the previous year. Tony is using Facebook effectively to promote entertainment, events and live sport, as well as the launch of his new cocktail bar. What a fantastic success!

This is all without spending a penny on Facebook ads!

“As a new business owner Facebook was just one of the many things I had to get my head around, but I was struggling to find time to attend training. I was concerned about taking over the existing Facebook page as I didn’t want to undo the work they’d already done and wasn’t confident about how Facebook worked. After doing this training I’m not only comfortable with Facebook but I’m 100% confident I can get a lot more traffic and interaction than the previous owners.

As a brand-new business owner and being new to business Facebook pages I found this course VERY VERY easy to understand. Thank you.”

Tony Forsyth, Landlord, The Last Post

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