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Not only do the more ‘fun’ posts attract lots of attention and show off your unique personality

Fun Christmas Posts for Social Media

Christmas really is a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase your fun side! And with my social media top tips you can also promote your products, services, and values seamlessly.

Christmas really is a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase your fun side! And with my social media top tips you can also promote your products, services, and values seamlessly.

Your aim is to:   

  • Inject oodles of personality into your posts.
  • Stop people from scrolling by.
  • Encourage plenty of engagement.
  • Tell people what you do without any off-putting sales talk.
  • Bring some welcome light-heartedness to the world of social media.
Christmas tree

Think your followers won’t be interested? Think again!

Not only do the more ‘fun’ posts attract lots of attention and show off your unique personality they:

  • inform people of what goes on behind the scenes
  • demonstrate your values
  • tell your story
  • raise awareness of what you do
  • provide the chance to introduce the people behind the brand

Now is the time to really shine!

Large corporations may have designated design departments that can craft perfect social media posts and images, but what they don’t have is the same drive and passion that you have for your business. This passion is what separates you from the bigger companies and is the thing that makes people want to do business with you.

Here are my top ten social media post ideas for business:

  1. Advent calendar posts. For 24 days there is an opportunity to feed the curiosity of your followers in an entertaining way. There are two ways you can go about this: you can film yourself opening a calendar, or you can create your own social media calendar.

 Why not share something about yourself. For instance, if you have a penchant for pens, paper, paperclips, and the like, you can film yourself opening a stationery calendar. We’d all love to see what you get and hear your ‘oooos’ and ‘aaaahs’.

And if you fancy giving it a go yourself, you can write a post every day for advent and mix them up with discounts, fun facts, voucher codes, corny jokes, social media Christmas games, and maybe incorporate some of my other suggestions too. Your followers will keep an eye out for them!

  1. Embrace celebration days. If you’ve purchased my Special Days of the year UK Social Media Wall Planner 2022 you’ll know that everyday has a celebration attached to it. Some days are for raising awareness, some are just for fun, many are to celebrate everyday heroics, and others really do get us thinking more deeply about a subject.

I’ve already spotted that in December there is a Poinsettia Day. Why not take a picture of this gorgeous red plant in your office and show others where you work? There’s also a ‘Go Caroling’ day too – a fab excuse to get your team into the Christmas spirit and sing a carol to share on your social media.

  1. Run a festive competition. To run a successful competition you need to think about ways to attract the right customers. An irrelevant giveaway will only get you more followers who will never do business with you – they’ll only be after a freebie!

My blog, How To Run Competitions On Facebook and Instagram Successfully will tell you everything you need to know about these social media Christmas giveaways and competitions.

 My social media tips numbered 4 to 10 involve images to really get those thumbs to stop scrolling. Check out these creative Christmas social media ideas …

 4. Inject lots of fun with an emoji quiz. Here’s my example for naming Christmas songs.

5. Stage an Elf On The Shelf scenario. Use the mischievous elf to showcase what your business is about. I love the way this company uses the Elf to promote their services. A sure way to get people interested.

6. Get all dressed up! Show off your lovely team! Last year Belvoir donated money to their chosen charity for every comment they received.

7. Liven up your zooms! With the permission of the others in the zoom, take a screen shot of your festive celebrations to share on your social media. This one was taken on the day of my last online workshop of the year 2020.

8. Get animated. Online you’ll be able to find apps that turn your photos into entertaining animations. Personally, I enjoy using JibJab. You can use up to five photographs so you can include other members of your team – or maybe even the office pup! This is a wonderful way to say Happy Christmas.

9. Trees, tinsel and baubles. Who doesn’t love a beautifully decorated Christmas tree? Share your tree story, or even better create a timelapse with the camera from your phone.

10. Have a go at creating an image using emojis. Encourage creativity this Christmas and invite others to share their creations under your post. Here’s mine made up of Christmas trees, branches and a lot of spare bar action!

Don’t forget the hashtags!

Stick to the hashtags that you know work for you, the ones that help your ideal customers find you. Using #Christmas isn’t going to help I’m afraid. To learn more about how to find the hashtags that will maximise your social media presence, head over to my blog, ‘Hashtags on Instagram To Boost Your Business’.

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Bye for now,


Becs Bate
Social Media Consultant, Social Media Executive


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