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3 Pugs Gin Gets Social

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I first heard of 3 Pugs Gin on a flight back from Paris. The man next to me was watching as the plane was being de-iced, it was a very cold evening and we were both relieved that our flight hadn’t been cancelled. “We need some 3 Pugs Gin to warm our toes in this weather” He exclaimed. That was the first time I’d heard of this brand of gin – and I do like my gin. To then find out it was distilled in a back yard of my home town Warrington – well I had to find out more.

A few weeks later Christine Ditchfield, Co-Founder of 3 Pugs Gin, booked onto my Facebook Business Training course, so I not only had the pleasure of teaching her a few tricks of the social media trade, but I also got to purchase a bottle of her infamous gin!

Whilst I supped my gin over the following weeks, Christine put into practice what I’d taught her on the course, with significant results. The 3 Pugs Facebook page had an increase in post engagements by 99%, post reach was up by 81% and new page likes up by 74%, as a result of my training.

And before you ask, Christine’s 3 Pugs Gin page was actually one of the better business pages I’d seen – with just shy of 2000 followers, so when she contacted me to say that her activity had increased by this amount due to my training course it was a significant result. 

The main objectives on my Facebook Business Training courses are to really define your customer audience and connect with them using content that is fun, engaging and captivating, whilst appealing to the ever-changing Facebook algorithms.

I run through some of the techniques and tools that are available, but often go unused by businesses and yet play a substantial role in raising the visibility of your page.

Many businesses fall into the trap of using their page like a web site, and continually posting sales posts which results in very low organic reach. I teach businesses how to drop the sales pitch and get social with guaranteed results.

You can reduce your time on social media whilst getting much better results and I can teach you how to do it. 

So, if you’d like to know how, get in touch, I offer a range of support to suit your business needs. For my training courses check out Facebook.

And if you love gin, check out 3 Pugs Gin – it more than lives up to it’s reputation!

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