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Like everyone I have been virtually ignoring my LinkedIn Company page. However after recent updates that is set to change. Here’s why you should pay more attention to you company page on LinkedIn and why it’s worthwhile investing more time into getting it right.

Reasons Why You Should Give Your LinkedIn Company Page Some TLC

For too long LinkedIn seemed to forget about their company page facility and gave little incentive for anyone to have one. But all that has changed.

Over the past year this No 1 networking platform has brought out some really great features which every business owner, no matter the size of the company, needs to know about.

How to set up a LinkedIn company page

This extra ‘marketing tool’ can be easily created through your personal LinkedIn page. Follow this link and I’ll show you how – How to Set Up A Company Page on LinkedIn.

Personal Page ‘Connections’ and Company Page ‘Followers’

Unlike your personal page where you ‘connect’ with others, your LinkedIn business page will have ‘followers’. You can invite your connections to follow, but only invite those who will add value to your business.

An image of hand written in pencil tick boxes. One that has yes next to it and one that has no next to it. The yes has a text and the no has a cross. Indicating to choose a LinkedIn company page.

Benefits of a LinkedIn company page

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and explore the new tools on LinkedIn business pages – but watch this space as they plan to bring out more features to further support business owners. Great news!

  1. It looks professional. Your LinkedIn company profile name and logo will appear on your personal page. Without a LinkedIn business account, a blank grey box will appear.
  2. It gives you and your company credibility and builds trust.
  3. You are prompted to provide a link to your company’s website to drive traffic. As I have mentioned previously adding links to posts limits their visibility – so by tagging your company page in your personal page’s posts is a fantastic opportunity to provide an insight into your company and raise its awareness.
  4. It doubles your chance of being discovered. Businesses may be looking for someone just like you. By searching for what they are after, a potential client, may either find your personal page or your company page.
  5. You’ll drum up more interest as your followers may see your company posts in their newsfeed. Your connections may receive notifications when you post from your company page too.
  6. It gives you the opportunity to place a strapline making it clear what your company does.
  7. The viewer can see who works there (providing all employees have linked to the company page as their current employer). Their names (and a link to their personal pages) will appear under your name. Again, this adds credibility and trust and potential clients will be able to see the people behind your brand.
  8. You can now set up events. So, if you have a training day or workshop planned you can use this as a free marketing tool to get you noticed.
  9. When setting up you can state which hashtags you want your company page to be associated with – fantastic for being found by your ideal customer.
  10. There’s a call to action button making it so easy for potential clients to either get in touch or visit your website.  
A screen grab showing the location of your LinkedIn company page. Up until now most people have ignored their LinkedIn company page, but with the new recent updates from LinkedIn, you’ll be missing a trick.
A screen grab from Bec’s LinkedIn Company page, demonstrating how best to use the space under your name to highlight your company’s strapline.

What you should do now

Now you understand the benefits of a LinkedIn company page and why these LinkedIn business pages are important, here are your next steps to achieve success:

  1. Set up a LinkedIn company page if you haven’t already.
  2. Complete the profile. New features may have been added since you set your page up so now is the perfect time to check that everything has been updated. Plus, profiles which are fully set up will achieve better visibility when they post.
  3. Get posting from your company page.
  4. When posting from your personal page remember to tag in your company.
  5. Encourage your staff to link to the company page and like, comment and share posts. This way you will multiply visibility.

Be vigilant about who says they work for your company. If someone wants to appear to be associated with your company, they may falsely say they work for you. Take this as a compliment – but contact LinkedIn to get them removed! It’s cheeky and it does happen!

  1. Invite connections to follow the company page. Your employees can do this too.

You can invite 100 of your connections per month, but choose wisely, if someone  accepts you get a credit back enabling you to invite 101!  Remember, it’s all about quality not quantity, there’s no point having lots of followers if none of them are likely to ever interact or use your service.

Although personal posts are still being favoured and will achieve greater visibility than posts made from company pages it’s a free marketing opportunity that you really cannot afford to miss out on.

Good luck! To help you make the most out of LinkedIn here’s some rules on what not to do – Mistakes To Avoid. If you found my video helpful you might also find my blog on 6 big mistakes you are making on your LinkedIn posts.

If you want to make the most of your LinkedIn marketing why not have a look at my LinkedIn Course. You will have a full and comprehensive understanding and how to make the most of LinkedIn and how to make it work harder for you, click here to find out more!

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