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Facebook is rolling out the new Facebook page experience to everyone

How to switch between your Facebook profile and a Facebook page in 2022

For those who regularly tune into my Monday lunchtime Livestreams, or enjoy reading my blogs, you’ll know that I put off voluntarily changing to the new Facebook layout until I had to. And now the time has finally come – Facebook is rolling out the new Facebook page experience to everyone.

I held back for a few reasons. One reason was due to the number of glitches. But over time Facebook has ironed these out. So, I’m embracing all the changes and exploring everything that the new Facebook experience has to offer!

Stay tuned to discover how to switch between your Facebook profile and your business page on the new Facebook experience.

The difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page

To save any confusion, here’s a reminder of the function of a Facebook profile and a Facebook page.

Your Facebook profile is your personal profile. This is where you connect with your friends and family and see posts from the companies or organizations that you follow from your personal account.

Your Facebook page is the one associated with your business.

To sum up, your profile is for personal stuff, your page is for business stuff.

The old version

Let’s remind ourselves what the old Facebook experience looked like. You will still have this look if you haven’t opted for the latest change yet, but it’s just a matter of time before you too will be a part of the rollout.

how to switch between your facebook profile and a facebook page

Here it is with all the settings neatly displayed on the left-hand side.

The new Facebook layout experience

And here’s a screenshot of the latest layout. Can you see the big difference? A lot of the settings on the left aren’t there anymore! I’ll tell you where they are further on.

how to switch between your personal facebook profile and a business page

You’ll also see that some of the settings on the left-hand side of the Facebook page are blurred out. But don’t panic!

The reason is because I am actually still logged in as me – my personal profile. How do I know? Because the circular icon at the very top-right shows my profile picture. I’ll show you how to switch between your personal Facebook profile and your page further down.

How to navigate the new Facebook layout.

Let’s explore this new experience a bit more:

Head to the Home icon. It’s the first icon in a row of five that you can see above your banner. You can use this home page button when you’re in either your personal profile or in a business page that you manage. Click on it to see your newsfeeds. Obviously when you are in your profile, you will see your personal newsfeed and when you are in your business page you will see your business’ newsfeed – yes that is a thing now!

Head to the Pages icon. It looks like a flag and is second in the row of five. This will show you all of the pages that you manage from your personal account. And look, when I click on my business page I have the option to see the preview or to manage it.

This is what I see when I go into ‘Preview page’:

To review all the changes in this new experience, feel free to click that blue button and check out all of the differences. But remember that this is not the place where you can manage your page.

How to find my Facebook page?

Head to the top right of your screen (I’ll be saying that a lot throughout this blog) and you’ll see your Facebook profile picture there. When you hover over it, you’ll see the word ‘Account’ appear.

  • Click the icon
  • If you manage more than one account you’ll need to click, ‘See all profiles’ below and select which page you want to be logged into.
  • If you manage just one business page, or use one a lot more than the others, then you can simply click on the “switch” page icon to the right of your name.

Now you’ve clicked on your business page you’ll be directed to your new page. And look, when you’re here, all of the settings to the left are now in bold – not a blurry one in sight!

Manage your Facebook business page

You’ll notice on the left hand side a lot of the settings have disappeared compared to the classic Facebook pages. They have moved, and in some cases been removed. On the image above can you see three buttons on the bottom right (below my social media tree)?

When you click on the Manage button (the one in the middle) you’ll find most of the Facebook page settings here. Phew … they’ve not disappeared!

How to switch back to personal account on Facebook

It’s really easy to log back into your personal profile. Head to the top right again, click on your business page’s icon and repeat the process as detailed in the ‘How to find my business page’ section. But this time you are going to click on your personal profile.

This is known in the industry as toggling.

A pop-up box will show at the bottom left of your screen briefly to tell you which page you are interacting from.

Your personal profile and Facebook business page are now completely separate

Once you get used to toggling between your Facebook profile and your page using the round button at the top right of your screen, you’ll find that it does make complete sense. Plus, you inherit a brand new newsfeed just for your business!

When you are in your business page scroll down the new look feed to see all the pages that you like and all the Facebook Groups that you belong to from your page.

How to post from my Facebook page

Before I answer the question, ‘how do I post from my Facebook business page’, you have to be in your business page.

To do a quick check that you are, have a look to see which picture is showing at the top right. If it’s your personal profile picture, you need to toggle over.

When your business’s icon is there you can be sure that you’re logged in to the right account.

Now you’re here, simply click where it says, ‘What’s on your mind?’ You’ll now see a box to create your post in.

How do I like or comment on a business’ post from both my personal profile and my business page on Facebook?

There are occasions when you may want to like a post from your personal account as well as from one of the pages that you manage.

Be aware that this method only now works on business posts that appear in your personal Facebook newsfeed.

  • If you want to like or comment as you, do so now from your personal profile.
  • Look to the bottom right of the post. Here you will see your profile picture with a downward arrow (grey upside-down triangle) next to it.
  • Click the arrow and choose the page that you want to interact with the post.
  • Facebook will redirect you to your chosen page.
  • From here engage as you would normally.

How to comment on a Facebook post as a page

Toggle to your Facebook business page. From you here you can comment on any of the posts that show up in your business’ newsfeed as your page.

To interact with a post that appears in your profile’s newsfeed, follow the instructions in the section above.

How to comment as me on a Facebook post

Head to your personal profile and comment on your newsfeed’s posts to your heart’s desire!

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