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Learn about using the correct keywords for social media marketing

Are you using the right keywords for social media marketing

As part of your social media marketing strategy, it pays to take time to really think about which keywords for social media marketing are best to target. The primary keywords that you use in your social media posts are the ones that will get you ranking above your competitors – these are the ones that will get you seen, get you enquiries, and ultimately get you business!

To explain more, and to delve deep into the wonderful world of social media keywords, I invited Angie Stewart from Digital Coach for Coaches to speak on my Monday livestream.

What Angie does

In a nutshell Angie is an expert in helping business owners attract the right clients organically by being found in search engine results. Although she focusses on keywords for websites, the principles remain the same for social media posts and she has so much knowledge to share as you’ll soon find out.

Read on to find out why keywords are important and how to use keywords in social media.

What’s a keyword?

It’s so much more than a single word or a hashtag – it’s the sequence of words that a potential customer will type in a search bar to find what they’re looking for. Single words and very short hashtags are too generic, and you’ll find that these short keywords are used by thousands, if not millions, of other social media users and any social media posts containing them will drown in the noise.

Angie’s advice is that you discover the ‘long tail keywords’ that will work well for your business. These are the social media keywords made up of around three or more words.

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TOP TIP! Don’t assume that you know the keywords that your customers will be typing into that search bar!

What you think your customers will type into the search bar and what they actually type in can be two completely different things. For example, Angie helped a drum teacher find his keywords to help potential students find him. The teacher kept using the keywords ‘drum teacher’ when in fact he should have been using the keywords, ‘drum lessons’. Just changing this one word resulted in his business growing as more and more people found him and got in touch.

He was thinking about ‘who he was’ as opposed to ‘what’ the customer was looking for. An easy mistake for any business owner to make.

How are keywords used in social media?

Just like in Google, your potential customer can search within a social media platform by typing in the search bar what it is they’re after.

But to really make the most out of your social media posts, place the keywords in the headline. When the headline resonates with the reader, they’ll stop scrolling and take note of what you have to say to them.

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What keywords should I use for social media marketing?

It’s a good idea to speak to people. Ask them how they would describe what you do and what they would search to find someone like you – you may be surprised how differently others think to you.

Also, take a close look at the way people ask you questions. What words do they use? To truly resonate, repeat the way your potential customers phrase things to help shape your social media posts and keywords. Using this technique also demonstrates that you understand the key problems faced by your customers and that you have what they need to solve them.


But the ultimate way to find your digital marketing keywords, and the ones that will really work on social media, is to use online tools. Angie strongly recommends that you take a look at the following to get amazing results: The basic package at $10/year is brilliant value! You get 2 free searches every day – if you’re savvy with your searches, you shouldn’t need to pay for this one. Again, the basic package is more than enough for SMEs.

These browser add-ons uncover a wealth of valuable data. They’ll tell you how many people have made particular searches, the cost per click that businesses are paying for a keyword, how many companies are running ads for specific keywords, what’s trending and when, and loads more.

You really need to watch the livestream, ‘Are you using the right keywords for social media marketing’ to watch Angie at work! She demonstrates how to use the three websites to discover your untapped goldmine. You’ll learn how to drill down to find the keywords that will get you the most visibility and help you gain a deep understanding of how your potential customers phrase their searches.

Angie also explains how to use all three together for maximum impact. It really is a must-watch if you want to use the right keywords for social media marketing!

Do your research into the right keywords for social media

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, or watched any of my other livestreams, you’ll often hear me cry, ‘Do Your Research!’. It’s super important and really does make a huge difference.

With the keyword tools that Angie recommends, you’ll have fun with your research too.

Long vs short social media key words: think about the platform

Another real interesting fact to make note of is that in some instances it pays to find the most effective short keyword. For example, most Pinterest users are on their mobile phone and are likely to pop in only a couple of words to form their search, whereas there are other social media platforms where the user is more likely to be sat at their PC or laptop and will form an actual sentence to form their search.

For example head to your Instagram account if you have one and make sure to have KeywordsEverywhere switched on.


You’ll see an icon to the top right (I’ve shown it here with a red arrow). Click on this icon and you’ll be astounded to see the information it throws up; you’ll find out how many other Instagram posts are using the same keywords that you suggest using, which ones have very little competition and so much more.

To get in touch with Angie

This blog has only really covered the very tip of the social media keywords iceberg, but hopefully it’s inspired you to really get to know which keywords you NEED to be using. There really is so much to know about the importance of key words for social media.

Thankfully, there is a lot of free information on Angie’s website to help you navigate your way through this exciting subject, head to this page on Angie’s website to find out more.

And you can also book a 15-minute chat with Angie to find out how she can help your business grow.

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