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The three best TikTok tips for business owners wanting to unlock their future potential on this highly visual social media platform

Tik Tok Growth Tips For Business

When you think of TikTok, what springs to mind? This blog’s mission is to make you think ‘business growth’ next time you hear its name.

Yes, you read that right – business growth. I’ve been speaking to Callum Morgan and Anna Bolger from Morgan Branding recently about their TikTok success. They shared with me their amazing story and the three best TikTok tips for business owners wanting to unlock their future potential on this highly visual social media platform.

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Open your mind to new possibilities and opportunities

Callum’s marketing agency, Morgan Branding, is in its 6th year and during these years has used the most popular social media platforms to market its services. The agency has achieved a few hundred page followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. These volumes are OK, but they’re not jaw-droppingly outstanding either.

But along came Anna in January 2021 and her enthusiasm for TikTok changed the agency beyond recognition

Outstanding results

business growth and tiktok

At the very beginning, Morgan Branding created lots of videos for its new TikTok channel (none were overly polished) and posted them to see the reaction. The reaction was way better than they thought. There was a clear need for videos explaining how businesses should be using TikTok to reach new audiences.

From nothing, the agency attracted 10k followers in that first year. Now, 18 months on, they have just over 35k followers and gain on average 2k new followers every week.

Through the newsletter, which is promoted on their TikTok channel, and business enquires as a direct result of someone watching one of their videos, they have achieved 150k of revenue. 

Callum and his team are proof that TikTok has the power to facilitate growth and change businesses into global successes literally overnight. Callum never imagined 2 years ago that his agency would shift from being one that served small businesses within a 30-mile radius of his office in Warrington to one that serves businesses in all sectors across the world.

You don’t have to be a professional video creator

TikTok is intuitive and easy to use. Anyone can achieve great results. TikTok isn’t about movie quality videos, so even if you have zero experience, you’ll be able to create compelling videos using the platform’s editing tools.

Who uses TikTok?

Pretty much everyone. There are over 1 billion active users across the globe. 50% of users are between 18 and 30 years of age but there are also users who are in their 80’s!

How does TikTok work? Is TikTok good for businesses?!

It’s powered by algorithms just like any other social media platform, but the way TikTok works means that you get the ultimate longevity out of every video you create and post.

TikTok knows what you like based on the videos you watch and interact with and puts similar videos in front of you. These can be recently posted videos or ones that have been knocking around for well over a year or even longer. TikTok doesn’t bother with chronology; it bothers with what matters the most to you and what you’re interested in.

With this in mind, the chance of your business video being put in front of your target audience is really high.

do businesses use tiktok

TikTok recognises a great video and one that is worth distributing far and wide by the way people react to it. ‘Duetting’ is a popular way to interact; this is the sharing of another channel’s content in your own video through a split screen where you get the chance to show your reaction or add even more value to it.

The three Morgan Branding Top TikTok growth tips

1. Be consistent and have a robust content strategy that you can refer back to.

It pays to do a lot of content at first to see what works well for you. These posts can be informative, humorous, educational, you name it, they can be anything you want just so long as you get across the messages that your followers want to see.

You choose your level of consistency. If you’re too busy to create and post one video a day, commit to posting 2 or 3 a week. Once you’re comfortable with posting videos consider posting some more.

Plan ahead and create a batch of videos. In TikTok you can create hundreds of drafts so when you have an idea act on it and save the video for later. This way, you’ll soon have an enviable library of draft videos and never be short of content.

2. Remember that the younger generations turn to TikTok before Google to search for what they’re after.

It’s an incredible search engine so make sure to answer the questions that your audience will be searching for and create relevant content.

If you’re not sure what your target audience is looking for, TikTok can help.

⦁ Within the platform search for a keyword or phrase that’s associated with your service or product and take a note of the bold key phrases that it shares with you. The content shown in bold can be used in your future posts and will help you with your ranking.
⦁ Do this SEO exercise again but this time scroll past the four top videos on the TikTok search bar to see what others have searched for. You should come away with a list of around 8 key phrases that people are searching for within the app.
⦁ Use these new key words and phrases and see how they improve your posts’ ranking!

tiktok for business

3. Measure your success.

Take time to watch the best performing videos. What is it about them that is appealing? Replicate their style, sound and topic remembering to focus on what your customers and potential customers will want to see from you.

In TikTok’s business suite you’ll find some really useful analytics to help you better understand what is working well for your business.

The final note! Callum says, ‘Go into it with an open mind. You don’t know where it will take you.’

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