In This COMMUNITY you will discover...

How To Use Social Media To Increase Your Leads, Decrease Your Time Commitment And Have You Driving Regular Business Enquiries

Stop Wasting Time And Focus On The Number 1 Strategy For Business Growth... SOCIAL MEDIA!

Does This Seem Familiar To You?

Month 1

Start posting on Social Media

Month 2

Let Down by Poor Results

Month 3

Give up as you’re Too Busy

Month 4

Repeat a Few Months Later

If Social Media isn't working for you then you are doing something WRONG!

The Problem!

99.99% of businesses may as well spend their time watching funny cat videos on YouTube instead of marketing their business on social media!

They spend an hour every morning thinking what to post only to come up with something that is as dry as the Sahara desert and will never make their audience curious about their offer.

They know they need to post, when to post and how to do it. They just don’t do it consistently enough!

When they go to create a post …they  get a feeling of dread…what will people think? Their mind goes blank…what have I got to say of interest. They don’t feel confident putting their content out there.

📢 If social media isn’t working for your then you need to STOP right now!

⭐ To make social media work for your business you must know..

1️⃣ How to write compelling posts that sell
2️⃣ How to build an audience of hungry buyers
3️⃣ How to create engaging content that drives traffic
4️⃣ How to systemise & strategise, eliminating the headache

And that's what The Social Flock is all about! A community of business owners focussed on making social media a primary source of leads and sales for their business.

What is The Social Flock & What's Included?

The Social Flock is a supportive social hub of like-minded business professionals who need to get to grips with creating consistent compelling content for their social media that drives consistent traffic, generates leads & sales and eliminates much of the time constraints associated with using social media for business

This motivational group will give you the accountability to get your socials sorted, with weekly writing sessions, planning webinars, social media training and regular content tips & advice from industry experts


Where we come together virtually and write our social media posts for the week – Forget about worrying what to post and if that post will work for our business, we all get them done there and then!


Training you on all aspects of social media. The latest trends, tools, and strategies all rolled into one power packed session!


Helping you plan ahead and align your social media with your business objectives removing all the overwhelm and allowing you to post consistently.


Regular social media post ideas to help you get creative with your content and feed you inspiration. Leverage the community to do more of what works, less of what doesn't work, and test new approaches.


The opportunity to regularly buddy up with people within the community and appraise each others social media, giving you a fresh pair of eyes.


Live sessions offering tips and advice on social media, where you can ask questions and join the discussion with Becs and the community.


Regular expert guest speakers that share their expertise and experiences on a variety of social media topics & platforms.


The chance to get interaction and engagement from community members on an important post you’ve done, helping to increase the reach of those key messages you need to get out there.


A place where you can post questions, ask for feedback & support, and share your successes in a supportive group

Who Is This For?

The Social Flock Community is for you if...

  • You Sell B2B Services

  • You Sell Physical Products

  • You Sell Consulting Services

  • You’re an Affiliate Marketer

  • You Sell An Online Programme/s

  • You’re a Freelancer or Service Provider

  • You Sell An Online Course/s or Coaching

And you want to make social media a sales machine for your business

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Turn Social Media In to A Sales Machine

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