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Case Study - The Social Flock gets results for Uscita

The Social Flock Reaps Significant Rewards

The Social Flock empowers businesses to do their social media inhouse and holds them accountable to create consistent, compelling content each week. 

Case Study – The Social Flock reaps significant rewards for one of it’s founding members, reporting they’ve never been busier. 

Alex Dodgshon from Uscita reaps the rewards of The Social Flock, with a 623% increase in engagement on Facebook and a 51% increase in web hits from LinkedIn.  

Uscita’s background before joining The Social Flock

Alex Dodgeshon is the Director of Uscita Solutions Ltd and is not a novice when it comes to social media. The company was launched in 2005 to help business owners with Exit Strategy planning, and is well known for their experience of successfully valuing and advising in the manufacturing, engineering, and professional services industry sectors.

Over the years they’ve built up over 4000 followers across their social media and Alex identified that LinkedIn is where they get most leads but she lacked consistency.

Like any small business social media can get put on the backburner when other business pressures get in the way, however Alex knew from experience that an inactive LinkedIn profile led to fewer business enquiries. But with no accountability to focus on social media, she lacked the structure she needed to regularly post content. 

Joining The Social Flock helped with accountability on Social Media Content

Then she heard about the launch of The Social Flock, a supportive hub of business professionals who need to get to grips with creating consistent and compelling social media content.  Although the membership included a variety of support including training, webinars, guest expert talks, and post ideas it was the weekly content writing sessions which really attracted Alex to the group.

Alex needed accountability and that’s what the weekly zoom meetings give her. Every Monday/Wednesday members come together to write their posts. They are challenged to write 3 posts in 40 minutes for the week ahead. At the beginning of the meeting each member commits to what they’re going to do, everyone mutes for 40 minutes, writes their posts and at the end of the session everyone reports back on progress. 

These time limited accountability sessions give Alex the structure she needs to create regular social media content. They also provide an invaluable source of inspiration as Alex talks about what she’s thinking of posting about and other members chip in with further ideas. A whole host of content support and ideas are shared on the Monday sessions!

Alex has really got to know her fellow flockers (Members) and their businesses over time which has provided a valuable support network and taking on board the training from the group her social media has never been more active.

The Social Flock results

Within three months Alex started to see a significant improvement on the reach of her social media as a result of her planning and consistency. Christmas is always quiet in her sector, however web hits were significantly higher than in previous years over this period.

Drilling down into more of the data available Alex realized the following:

On Facebook there was:

  • 576% increase in post reach
  • 623% increase in company page engagement
  • 33% increase in followers
  • 71,700% increase of 3 second video views
  • 30% increase in web hits coming from Facebook

On LinkedIn there was:

  • 767% increase in impressions with over 97,000 for the year
  • 51% increase in web hits coming from LinkedIn
  • Increased recommendations, enquiries and referrals

Alex reported that not only have web hits significantly increased from social media but so have enquiries. As a result of being more consistent on social media their business has never been busier.

Graph showing Increase in Facebook reach
  • 576% Increase in Facebook Reach
  • 767% increase in impressions with over 97,000 for the year
Graph showing LinkedIn increase

The Social Flock Recommendation – Alex from Uscita.

“I committed myself to sign up to The Social Flock in September 2022. I needed someone to hold me accountable for my online activities which were unplanned and sporadic to say the least.

I have to say I thought long and hard before joining but haven’t regretted it. It may sound daft, but having to hold myself accountable by logging into a weekly Zoom meeting just makes me clear my desk and my head for that one hour putting all procrastination tactics aside.

The rest of the program is just a bonus on top of that.  Even my mini Baarbara gave me content.”Alex Dodgshon, Uscita Solutions Ltd

If you’d like to join a supportive membership group that trains you up on social media and supports you to create consistent and compelling content please join The Social Flock.  

Membership starts from £25 per month. 

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