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LinkedIn Business Page has new features!

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Here are the latest three new features for your LinkedIn business page to really boost your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Do you have a LinkedIn business page? Have you been advised just to use your personal profile? linkedIn have just released three new features that might make you re-think your LinkedIn business strategy.

  • Create an event from your LinkedIn company page
  • The new credit system to invite connections to follow your company page.
  • Start asking questions using a poll

There’s never been a better time to get in control of your LinkedIn 2020 business growth plan!

Previously LinkedIn has favoured the personal pages resulting in many business owners overlooking the need for a LinkedIn business page. But it looks like LinkedIn plan to change this way of thinking.

Once you’ve read this blog, you’ll understand the importance of the new features and understand how to implement them. And remember that LinkedIn favours users who visit regularly, contribute to the platform and utilise its features – once you start using these new features, you’ll see that you’re rewarded with increased visibility and reach!

You can now create LinkedIn Events

Everything about LinkedIn is business focussed so it’s a great platform for business owners to promote their events. Promoting events from your LinkedIn business page is also a great way to achieve organic growth.

Followers of your business page will be able to see all of your events by checking your page. In turn you can click on the LinkedIn business pages that interest you to view their future events – it really is a win win for business owners.

Here’s How

 Now you’re in your business page here’s what to do – it’s really quite similar to how you set up your personal page for the first time:

  • Scroll down until you see an Event box on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on Create Event to view your template
    • Follow the prompts to add an image, the event name, a description, the event start and finish time, your company logo, event type (online or at a location) and the URL link (typically Eventbrite and similar).
    • Make sure to press the ‘apply’ button!
screen grab of LinkedIn Page showing how to create an event

Top Tip! Write out the name of the event and the description in word first, then simply copy and paste.

You have the choice to make the event public or private. When private you select who receives an invite. In public mode your event will reach those outside of your LinkedIn network and your connections can invite their followers too!

Click ‘post’ and it will appear on your business page.
It’s best practice to share the invite from your personal page too but remember that the host and organiser will be your company, not you.

You can go back into the event and invite your connections (as seen below). Only choose those who your event will add value to. Once you’ve done this, your selected audience will receive a notification to tell them that they have been invited to an event

A screen grab demonstrating how to invite connections from your LinkedIn profile to you new LinkedIn event you’ve just set up. You simply click the blue invite connections button on the right hand side of your screen.

Visitors to your LinkedIn business page will be able to see all the events you are hosting – here’s an example of what that will look like. 

A screen grab demonstrating how all of your connections can see any event you are hosting at any time on your LinkedIn page. They are listed on the righthand side of the screen. From there they are just one click away from signing up!

And what’s more, after the event, the attendees can share their photos and videos of the event to keep your followers engaged. There’s sure to be some jealously from those who couldn’t attend!

Inviting connections has just got better!

I know what you’re thinking and yes, this is nothing new – we’ve been able to invite our connections to follow our business page previously. It just got a whole lot better!


Previously, it wasn’t clear how many connections you could invite before being penalised, but now LinkedIn have introduced a credit system – between you and me I think LinkedIn were getting twitchy about people spamming others which is not great for user experience


You’ll get 100 credits every month, but if you target your audience correctly (inviting only those who your page will be of value to) and your invites are accepted, you can get your credits back making this an amazing way to grow your followers.


The credit system resets at the beginning of every month. I’d advise against using all 100 credits in one go, take it easy by selecting a few every day. Think who is most likely to follow your business page: past clients, existing clients, people who appeared interested in your product or service at a recent network event, etc. 

How to invite connections to follow your LinkedIn business pages 

LinkedIn could not have made this easier! To invite followers to LinkedIn business pages simply head over to your company page, click on ‘Invite Connections To Follow’ and get inviting.

A screen grab showing how easy it is to invite your connections on LinkedIn to follow your new business page. Just click the white ‘Invite Connections to Follow’ button on the righthand side of the screen. They’ll see all your event too!

Create a poll on LinkedIn business pages

The best way to achieve greater reach is to engage with your connections. People love to give their opinions and are highly likely to engage when asked for it – after all, it’s only one click!

Make sure that the question you ask is relevant to your business. The answers you receive can help with your business planning and make sure that you are delivering exactly what your target audience needs from you.

How to do a poll on LinkedIn

  • Set up to write a post from either your personal or your LinkedIn business page
  • At the bottom of the box you will see some options
  • Click on the option to Create a Poll
  • Set the question for the poll
  • Set the answers – up to four is allowed
  • Set how long you want the poll to run for
  • Click done and post

Watch the answers come in!

LinkedIn marketing strategy for business pages


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I hope that this has got you in the mood to get creative with your social media marketing strategies and I look forward to seeing the results.


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