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Twitter is unrivalled when it comes to raising awareness of your brand, for research, and for prospecting new clients.

How To Use Twitter For Business

If you don’t think Twitter has a place in your marketing plan, or you’ve been put off by its fast-paced nature, I’m here to explain why you should think again about using Twitter for business!

With 335 million active monthly users, can you afford not to engage with such a huge audience? And as it’s the place for senior professionals to hang out just imagine the amount of free information that is out there.

Twitter is unrivalled when it comes to raising awareness of your brand, for research, and for prospecting new clients. If you’re still wondering how to promote your business on Twitter or looking to learn about the benefits of Twitter for business, you’ve come to the right place.

First of all create a Twitter account for your business and then follow these effective Twitter for Business tips:

1. Make use of all the free Twitter marketing tools to really raise awareness of your brand!

Think of your Twitter profile as free advertising space. You can add your logo as the profile picture and design a banner image to let people know exactly who you are and what services you provide. You can then write your Twitter bio explaining exactly what you do, here you can also add a link to your website encouraging people to click through and have a look at your business in more detail.  

For example, when you see my profile for the first time, it’s clear what I do.

To the left of my biography, you’ll see the word ‘More’ next to three dots. When you click on this, you’ll discover your analytics which gives you a wealth of data. Here’s a snap shot of my Twitter data for the last 28 days, you can see I’ve only tweeted 35 times yet I’ve reached just short of 4,000 people.


But more importantly 1,341 people have clicked and looked at my profile, seeing what services I provide.


I’m reaching a lot more people than the number of followers (647) I have. 

Besides having a cracking Twitter biography, you can Tweet to showcase who you are, what you do, what your business values are and more.

The beauty of a Tweet is that it’s short. With a maximum capacity of 280 characters, you really don’t have to think too hard about them. I tend to summarise what I’m up to, what events I’m running, snippets from behind the scenes at work, as well as lots of tips and advice on social media.

You might also love the fact that you can join your LinkedIn account to your Twitter account meaning that every time you post on LinkedIn, this will appear as a Tweet on your Twitter account too.

If you don’t know what to Tweet about, get retweeting. This is a simple and very effective way of sharing industry news and information, as well as useful tips and advice for your Twitter audience.

So, if time-saving is on your agenda, then that’s another reason to get on Twitter.

2. Twitter is the place for the most up to date market research

Even if you’re not Tweeting much, you’ll benefit from using the platform for your research. Twitter really is the place for breaking and trending news.

It’s no surprise then to learn that journalists favour Twitter. Obviously, they’re there to share the latest news, but they’re also on the lookout for newsworthy stories.

man showing Twitter tips

So, if you’re Tweeting about your latest product or service that is changing lives, then you stand a good chance of being spotted and before you know it, you’ll be starring in the journals and newspapers yourself!

Following others from your sector is incredibly valuable. Not only will you learn from them, but you can easily engage with them too, therefore keeping your business at the forefront of their minds, should they need your products/services in the future.  

As I mentioned earlier, I use Twitter to tell people about my upcoming events. To make the Tweets easy to find I use specific hashtags that I know my potential clients will be using to find someone just like me. And if you’re going to an event, you can easily find and connect with others who are going by following and engaging with the event specific hashtag.

3. Prospecting for new clients on Twitter

As with all social media platforms, you need to do your research on Twitter to find out if your prospective clients are active on this social media platform. You will find a lot of senior professionals and decision makers on Twitter, they love the short Tweets, as they are short on time!

As a starting point to your Twitter research the Pew Research Centre reports that:

  • 62% of Twitter’s users are men.
  • 41% of Twitter users earn a household income of above $75,000 (which will be similar here in the UK).
  • 42% of users are educated to at least a degree level.

Even if this doesn’t sound like your ideal target market on Twitter you can guarantee that with over 335 million active users there will be potential clients on Twitter for your business.

To stay organised and to save time, I create target lists on Twitter for my my ideal clients to help me target new customers.  I have a list for Warrington Businesses, a list for networking groups, a list for clients, and a list for my prospective clients. A tool no other social media platform has! I jump on to whichever list I need to work on that day and see what’s making them tick – this also helps me create posts that will really resonate!

So hopefully next time you hear a fellow business owner asking, ‘is twitter good for small businesses’, you’ll be first in line to shout YES!

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