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How to use customer feedback to supercharge your social media

How to use customer feedback to supercharge your social media

Asking for customer feedback is something we know we should do, but it’s also one of the things a business owner puts to the bottom of their to-do lists.

How do you use customer feedback to supercharge your social media?

Aaron Chetwyn from insight6 tells us how important customer feedback is and how we can use it as part of our social media marketing strategy.

Insight 6

Aaron joined insight6 after leaving the corporate world. Having worked for Argos and Sainsbury’s since leaving college, and always having roles where he immersed himself in everything there is to know about the customer journey, insight is well and truly in his DNA.

Insight6 is the UK and Ireland’s leading customer experience specialists and deliver some of the most advanced customer programmes in the world.

 He knows all too well how key it is to ask for feedback, gather it, analyse it, act on it and market it.

Using genuine feedback to attract new customers and to turn existing customers into loyal customers is a lot more cost effective than hiring a marketing agency to get your message out there.

Here’s why, and how, you can showcase your products and service by social proofing your social media.

Customer insight

Did you know that it costs roughly 7 times more to gain a new customer than it is to turn an existing client into a loyal client? Knowing this, it makes absolute sense to nurture the ones we have. These are the ones who are most likely to proactively leave a shout out on social media and tell others about you.

A woman at a desk working on a laptop

Using the worldwide market research metric, Net Promoter Score (NPS) you can identity your top customers and those that need a little bit of work to fully get on board.

You’ve all seen these NPS style feedback questionnaires, they’re the ones that ask you a question where you respond on a 0 – 10 scale where 0 is terrible and 10 is the top score.

Your customers who respond with 9s and 10s are your ‘promoters’. They love what you do and are likely to be a customer of yours for a very long time. They are more than happy to share their amazing experiences with others. These customers are your brand ambassadors.

Customers who respond with 7s and 8s clearly like your company but are yet to be delighted by what you do. These are the ‘passives’. They’re just sitting on the fence and could easily have their head turned by a similar brand. You must listen to their feedback and act on it to give them what they need. By nurturing this segment, you can turn them into your promoters.

Anyone who responds with 0s to 6s are ‘detractors’ and probably not your target customers and whatever you do you’re unlikely to delight them. But don’t give up on them completely, they could offer some really valuable insight for you to work on.

How to social proof: getting customer reviews

Ask. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Woman looking at reviews

To make sure you put this into practice, Aaron recommends that you put a system in place.

Be consistent when asking for feedback and a review. If it’s sporadic and other potential customers see a flurry of reviews instead of a constant stream they may become suspicious about how genuine these reviews are.

Work out how often you should be asking for feedback and reviews. This will depend on the size and type of business you have. Establish what is best for you.

Ask for written reviews. The customer can head to your Facebook page, your LinkedIn account or even Google My Business to leave a review. Asking for verbal feedback or a review over the phone isn’t ideal and can be easily forgotten if you’ve not had the chance to capture every word.

Your ‘promoters’ are most likely to leave a great review – in fact some may even do so without prompting. It’s likely that your ‘passives’ will need a little encouragement and will definitely need to be asked.

Don’t get bogged down with volume, focus on gaining credibility with good quality reviews.

How to maximise the value of the feedback

Aaron and his team are skilled at working out exactly what to ask a business’ customers, how to analyse it and what you should do with it to turn your ‘passives’ into your ‘promoters’.

If you have gained a lot of feedback from your clients, this is what you should be focussing on:


Keep doing the things that constantly achieve great feedback.

Stop doing the things that your customers clearly don’t like or simply not fussed about.

Identify the things that could be better and find ways to improve. This is crucial for turning those ‘passives’ into ‘promoters’. Acting on feedback tells your customers that you value them – for this, you will be rewarded!

woman and phone

The more promoters you have, the easier it will be for you to grow and attract new customers.

How to use your social media reviews

“What you can do with social media reviews?” Lots!


Aaron recommends that you get written reviews, the ones which are placed directly by the customer onto an online platform. And as these are already in the public domain, you can use them as part of your social media strategy.

Tell your followers what others are saying about you. It’s really refreshing to read these genuine reviews instead of other forms of marketing material. Plus, it’s free too!

man looking at reviews

Reviews tend to be fairly short. The ultimate size for quick one-liners to attract the attention of others.

Reviews often seal the deal. When a customer is deliberating whether to use a company or not, it is often the quality of the reviews that helps them to decide.


Marketing aside, you can use the content of the reviews to reward members of your staff or to increase your training in certain areas. It’s really important to share all reviews with your employees if you have them. What a boost to morale!

A quick sum up

It’s super important to focus on customer feedback.

Get a system in place for asking for reviews, gathering them, analysing them, storing them and getting them online.

Figure out how to turn your passives into promoters.

This is so much cheaper than hiring a marketing or design agency.

It’s genuine!

This blog only covers the main points, so I highly recommend that you turn into the livestream where Aaron talks more about this really interesting topic.

You can find Aaron on LinkedIn and there’s plenty of further reading on the insight6 website too.

man looking at stats

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