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If you’re wondering how to post consistently on Instagram, Facebook and other social media read these top tips.

Why you should be consistent with your social media content

Is it important to consistently post on social media? Absolutely! Achieving consistency on social media is key.

Before I begin this blog, please don’t confuse ‘consistently post on social media’ with ‘constantly post on social media’. When you constantly post, you’ll end up feeling burnt out, and your posts won’t always serve a purpose.

The importance of consistency on social media

In a nutshell, consistency keeps you and your brand visible to your customers and potential customers. Consistency pleases the all-watching, all-knowing algorithm robots. Never underestimate the influential power these invisible robots have. Keeping them happy by giving them what they want is crucial!

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They know who posts consistently and rewards them. Their posts will achieve good reach and the account will benefit immensely from a high search ranking. Make sure you deploy consistency in your social media posting strategy.

With great visibility your posts will appear in more newsfeeds and you’re more likely to stay in the mind of your customers, so when they require your services, they’ll turn to you rather than head to Google.

Competition is rising all the time on social media so make sure your voice is heard and that your posts add real value to your followers – after all, they follow you for a reason, and that reason is usually because they want to benefit from your expertise.

How to be consistent on social media

Many of my clients ask me how to stay consistent on social media. The first thing I say is to make it achievable. If you decide to post every 15 minutes (which goes down well on Twitter), you’ll burnout and your content will suffer, and you could lose your credibility. On the other hand, once a week isn’t ideal either. Figure out what you can achieve.

Decide on the consistency of posts on social media and stick to it. I’d suggest a minimum of three posts a week whatever social media platform you’re on.

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Don’t binge on posting and then disappear for weeks on end. Even if you think your followers won’t notice, the algorithm robots will, and you’ll be black-marked until you improve on your consistency once again.  And when you’re not posting, you’re not in the forefront of anyone’s minds, meaning that someone who once thought about using your services or buying your product may forget about you and turn to a competitor – someone who is posting consistently.

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Ok, so now you’ve decided on how many posts you want to publish a week – that’s a great start. Say, you’ve started on three posts a week, now you should decide on when you are going to post.

To work out the best time to post, you need to know your customers well and study your statistics. I can help with this if you don’t know where to find these valuable insights.

Getting into a routine will be appreciated by your followers as they should start to actively look out for your posts.

Commit to consistency

Now we know the answer to the million-dollar question – ‘how important is it to regularly post on social media’, we need to put that into practice to start seeing the results.

  • Schedule time in your diary. Just an hour a week should be enough. Write your posts during this time knowing that each one should serve a purpose: add value, provide entertainment, showcase your values, etc.
  • I have a plan that I stick to. Every week I commit to posting one social media tip, a content idea and promote my weekly livestream and blog. These are my ‘planned in’ posts.
  • In addition, I post ad hoc when I see or hear something that I know will interest or amuse my followers.
  • Many people find it easy to think of content when they are away from their screens. Go outdoors and take inspiration from spaces other than your office.
  • Carry a notepad around with you or download an app where you can store your thoughts. You can guarantee that your best ideas happen when you’re in the middle of something – hanging out the washing or walking home from dropping the children off at school for example.
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Get scheduling

All of your ‘planned-in’ posts can be scheduled in advance meaning you don’t have to worry about not posting. But don’t forget about them – events happen in the news which may make a post inappropriate. Although this is rare, I have seen it happen and the brand in question had to work extremely hard to get their reputation back.

I use Hootsuite for Twitter and LinkedIn, but use Facebooks Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram.

So, if you’re wondering how to post consistently on Instagram, and how to post consistently on Facebook, wonder no more! As Facebook owns Instagram, you only need to schedule the post to cover both platforms.

Brilliant news and such a time saver too. Facebook and Instagram favour their own scheduling tool, Creator Studio, over the others and your reach will be greater when using it. Plus, it’s free!

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Need more support?

If you need help with ideas and planning your social media, check out my social media content planning tool.

What’s coming up?

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